Follow these 4 steps to nail your chipping setup every time

These steps will help you nail your setup.

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A perfect chip shot starts with a perfect setup. Use these four steps to make sure you find the proper form every time.

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1. Get narrow and open 

Settle into a narrow stance, with your feet inside your shoulders. (A narrow stance reduces unnecessary lower body movement.) Next, pull your front foot a few inches behind you to “open” your stance. Finally, make sure about 60 percent of your weight is on your front foot. 

2. Align your chest with your toes 

Imagine you have a flashlight attached to your chest. To set up correctly, shine the light on a spot just in front of the ball. This positions the low point of your swing where you’re guaranteed ballfirst contact. 

3. Stand close

Bend from your hips and lean out so your hands hang under your shoulders, with your eyes an inch or so inside the ball. Now the club can swing back straight and not too much to the inside, a big no-no. 

4. Move the handle forward toward your lead thigh

This gives you that critical 6 to 8 degrees of forward shaft lean. Careful not to “hood” the clubface as you do this or you’ll sacrifice loft, spin and forgiveness. 

James Sieckmann is director of instruction at Shadow Ridge CC in Omaha, Neb.

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