An easy exercise to level your putting stroke for more success on the greens

Canadian Teacher of the Year Kevin Haime explains how to level your putting stroke for more success.

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Welcome to Play Smart, a regular game-improvement column that will help you play smarter, better golf.

A smooth putting stroke can save any golfer from having a terrible round. When you find yourself slicing your drives, flying your irons, or chunking your chips around the green, putting can be the true equalizer. It’s basically the kryptonite to bad golf shots.

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But unlike riding a bike, putting isn’t something that just sticks with a golfer. Sometimes a player is riding a hot putter. Other times the flat stick lets them down. It takes repetition to find the stroke that works best for you.

To help provide some basic putting tips, we turned to Kevin Haime for today’s Play Smart lesson, who demonstrates the importance of leveling your putting stroke.

During his more than 30 years of coaching, Haime has been named “Canadian PGA Zone Teacher of the Year” three times (1997, 2000, 2020). He’s also earned the reputation as being voted the “Favorite Golf Teacher” Flagstick Golf Magazine readers in each year the award as existed (2003-2020).

Leveling your putting stroke

In the video below, Haime discusses how to eliminate bursts in your putting stroke, keeping it smooth all the way through contact. By doing so, golfers will have more control of each shot.

Haime also breaks down a simple (and free!) way to practice leveling your putting stroke.

By using a coin (in this case, a “loonie” in Canada), Haime is forced to stabilize his putter, keeping it level all the way through impact with the ball.

“The trick is, when I swing the putter, I don’t want to lose the loonie [coin] until impact; or a little bit after.”

This tip may appear simple, but, like all putting practice, it takes repetition.

“Did you see the way the putter went back and through with rhythm? That’s what I’m after here.”

While some golfers spend hundreds of dollars to improve their games, in some cases, using a free tip like the one here from Haime is just as effective. So give this a go and see how leveling your putter can lead to more success on the greens.

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