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ClubTest 2023 putter reviews

Find out everything you need to know about the latest putters below.


For ClubTest 2023, we tested and reviewed all the best new putters from the top manufacturers. Browse below to see all the new putter models and find links to full reviews – all ClubTest data powered by Foresight Sports. When you’ve identified the perfect putter for your game, you can also buy your new club right here!

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Bettinardi 2023 Queen B putters

Bettinardi 2023 Queen B Putters

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Designed around four distinct shapes, Bettinardi’s 2023 Queen B Series aims to combine premium materials (and aesthetics) with subtle design improvements to build upon one of the putter manufacturer’s most popular putter lines. Made durable 303 stainless steel, each Queen B putter features a new caramel copper PVD finish that’s designed to pop on the green. At the same time, Bettinardi confirmed the finish is glare-resistant, so there’s no need to worry about using these wands on a sunny day. Models include Bettinardi Queen B 6, Bettinardi Queen B 11, Bettinardi Queen B 14, Bettinardi Queen B 15.


Cleveland Frontline Elite putters

Cleveland Frontline Elite Putters

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At the heart of the new Cleveland Frontline Elite series are high MOI designs featuring a forward center of gravity location made possible by using more than 30 grams of injection-molded tungsten to create the actual insert on the face. This places a greater amount of mass at the impact area to get the ball rolling online and staying online. Models include Cleveland Frontline Elite 1, Cleveland Frontline Elite 8, Cleveland Frontline Elite Elevado, Cleveland Frontline Elite Cero and Cleveland Frontline Elite Rho.


Evnroll 2023 V-Series putters

Evnroll 2023 V-Series Putters

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Evnroll’s first rolled out the V-Series in 2021. The key enhancement for the ’23 line is the addition of interchangeable weights (so you toy with the moment of inertia and center of gravity) and also three different hosel options: long, mid and short, each of which is designed to help golfers with specific miss types. The putters also promise better accuracy and tighter dispersion by way of Evnroll’s patented face groove technology. These putters are all about customization. Golfers can adjust toe hang and offset to suit their strokes and — with the weights and hosel choices — dial in their preferred swing weight and stroke preference. Models include Evnroll EV2, Evnroll EV8, Evnroll EV2, Evnroll ZERO Z.1, Envroll EV5.1/EV5.2/EV5.3, and Evnroll EV12.

Odyssey White Hot Versa and Tri-Hot 5K putters

Odyssey White Hot Versa and Tri-Hot 5K putters

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Ten years after its initial launch, Odyssey is reintroducing its extremely easy-to-align Versa putter series to help golfers aim betters and make more putts. Let’s be honest, putting is hard, and the one thing most golfers struggle with on the greens is alignment — which is where the high contrast alignment technology of the Versa line helps golfers find the proper face angle at address. The Tri-Hot 5K putters have a milled front section made of 303 stainless steel, a back section made of lightweight 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, and heavy Tungsten weights sandwiched between in the toe and heel sections. The design helps move center of gravity (CG) forward and establishes higher MOI (moment of inertia) in the blade-style putters. Models include Odyssey White Hot Versa One, Odyssey White Hot Versa Double Wide, Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T, Odyssey White Hot Versa Seven and Odyssey White Hot Versa Twelve.


Ping 2022 putters

Ping 2022 Putters

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Unlike the Tour-inspired PLD, the Ping 2022 putters were initially created with the consumer in mind. With the focus placed squarely on the consumer, Ping sought to include myriad of head, face and alignment options to capture every conceivable player preference with distinctly different feels and looks. Offered in 10 different models, the 2022 putters, as Goodwin said, as really “a line within a line.” For example, several new models on the mallet and blade side (DS72, Prime Tyne 4, Shea, Tomcat 14) feature a color blocking scheme where a platinum topline contrasts with a black cavity, moving the focus to the front of the putter for better aiming. For golfers who don’t want the contrasting colors, all-black versions can be found in the Tyne G and Mundy. Models include Ping Anser, Ping Anser 2D, Ping Kushin 4, Ping DS72, Ping DS72 C, Ping DS72 Armlock, Ping Shea, Ping Mundy, Ping Prime Tyne 4, Ping Tomcat 14 and Ping Tyne G.


TaylorMade GT Max and GTX putters

TaylorMade GT Max and GTX Putters

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And 2023 marks another year of Spider innovation with the launch of the Spider GTX and GT Max models, with the GTX bringing together well-known Spider technology, and the GT Max offering something that TaylorMade championed in drivers almost 20 years ago — moveable weight. The Spider GTX offers proven TaylorMade putter technologies including True Path and Pure Roll combined with a deep center of gravity made possible thanks to a heavy — 154g, to be precise — stability bar at the rear of the putter to create the signature Spider look. Just like with a driver, the adjustable weight of the Spider GT Max helps change the closure rate of the club head during the golf swing — the only difference is in this case we’re talking about a putting stroke, not a driver swing. This change is created by moving the center of gravity closer to or away from the face, which also results in adjusting the toe hang.


Titleist Scotty Cameron Super Select putters

Titleist Scotty Cameron Super Select putters

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Above all, Scotty Cameron’s 2023 Super Select line is a reminder that the putter designer listens. Golfers have been clamoring for simple, industrial looks — and that’s exactly what they’re getting with Cameron’s first release of the year. Paint fill is almost non-existent on Super Select to give it a clean look. But there’s a design benefit as well. Cameron wanted to save weight from certain areas on the head, so he took weight out of places like the neck and bombs in the cavity to net around 10 grams of discretionary weight that was placed between the heel-toe weights. Models include Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport, Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport Plus, Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2, Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2 Plus, Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2.5 plus, Scotty Cameron Super Select Squareback 2.


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