Check out this can’t-miss putting grip if you struggle on the greens

This easy grip will make you a force on the greens.

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There’s new, exciting research on torque and forces applied to the grip. In the 1930s, Paul Runyan (PGA Tour Hall of Fame) applied torque to the grip when putting in a unique and highly effective way that can help you improve your results on the greens. And it all started with his grip.

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Use the two keys above to establish a decent copy of his hold. Then, as you swing back, push your right heel pad into the grip to torque the putter to the right, and in the forward stroke use your left heel pad to torque the putter back to the left. By balancing the torque you apply in each direction, you will stabilize the movement of the putterhead and the face and drain more putts.

Dom DiJulia is the director of instruction at Jericho National GC in New Hope, Pa.

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