If you hit a slice *and* lack power off the tee, try this setup trick

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If you hit big slices with no power off the tee, you're probably opening your body at setup.

Stephen Denton

You slice. You lack power. It’s tough to score with this double whammy of limitations. I can take a good guess at what’s happening: You’re opening your body at setup. Worse yet, you’re doing it without knowing. It’s a natural tendency because of the fact that you play the ball forward in your stance and tee the ball up. So there’s a positive: Your short, slice-y drives aren’t really your fault!

The fix is easy. Don’t open your body at address. (Hold your eye rolls for a second.) As you address the ball, add side tilt (okay, now I’ve got your attention!) by leaning your upper body away from the target. Adding the tilt automatically closes your shoulders. Even better, it encourages an inside-out (see: anti-slice) delivery that also helps the club ascend into the ball, creating ideal launch conditions (see: high launch, low spin). 

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1. Hinge the club after taking your normal driver stance with the ball teed forward. 2. Tilt your upper body away from the target so your right shoulder dips noticeably below your left. 3. Without changing anything, simply sole your clubhead behind the ball. Stephen Denton

Try this: Get into your normal address position with driver and the ball teed forward. Next, hinge the club up, then grab the shaft with your right hand and make sure it’s even with your nose. Put your right hand back in its normal position and tilt your upper body away from the target to the point where the shaft points noticeably ahead of the ball. Last step: Sole your driver behind the ball without losing your tilt. Perfect power setup position! 

Carol Preisinger a GOLF Top 100 Teacher who instructs at The Landings Club in Savannah, Ga.

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