Struggle with an inside takeaway? Try the couch drill

An inside takeaway can be a golf swing killer, but with the couch drill, you can learn the proper feel from the comfort of your home.

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In a game as complex as golf, it’s easy to forget that seemingly trivial elements of the swing can have a tremendous impact on the result. Case in point: the takeaway.

Although the takeaway is the first move in your swing, it has tons of influence on the result on any given shot. The takeaway sets the foundation for a solid swing, and any issues in the move can be the cause of undesirable results later.

Pro golfer lee trevino swings
How to make a perfect takeaway: Lee Trevino’s keys to starting your swing
By: Zephyr Melton

However, despite its substantial importance to the swing, it is often overlooked by inexperienced golfers. They tend to focus on the result of a shot and work backward to find a fault, but they should start by analyzing the beginning of the swing and work from there.

A common fault in the takeaway is to suck the club inside too early in this opening move. Players will roll their wrists open to start the swing and wrap the club well inside their hands before the shaft ever gets parallel to the ground. From there, they’ll lift to the top of the swing and then come over the top on the way through, producing a weak slice.

An ideal takeaway will feature a clubhead that is in line with the target when the shaft comes parallel to the ground. To get this feeling, try the “couch drill” from the Instagram account GolfSwingGuide featured below.

Set up next to your sofa with your trail hand just clear of the back on the couch so it can swing past it during your takeaway. Then, rehearse the opening move of your swing. If you roll your wrists open and suck the club inside, you will hit the couch.

Your goal with this drill is to avoid the couch during your takeaway and use it as a guide for your shaft when the club comes parallel to the ground. You want the back of the couch to line up with your shaft when it comes parallel to the ground to feel a perfect takeaway.

Nail this move in your living room and your swing is sure to improve on the course.


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