Top 100 Teacher: A simple drill to help you groove a ‘low and slow’ takeaway

September 4, 2019

I see a lot of weekend players struggle with their takeaway. If they’re not fanning the club open with their lead arm, they’re whipping it inside, or lifting it straight up and out.

Eliminating these errors is critical. Start by keeping the club connected to what the rest of your body is doing. How? Place a 2×4 about two inches behind your ball on an extension of your target line. Take your regular address position. It might sound strange, but it works.

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Make sure the clubhead is resting against the edge of the board. Start your takeaway by pushing the 2×4 back, away from the ball. You should be able to move it a good foot before the club naturally moves skyward.

The key is to match your arm swing with the movement of your body, keeping the clubhead low to the ground. The simple act of pushing instantly eliminates all poor takeaway moves, and because the board is so heavy, it’s impossible to snatch the club away on the takeaway. Pushing the board away from the ball keeps your hands, arms and the club in sync, helping you start your swing on plane.

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