How to hit every drive with the proper tee height

Not every drive requires the same tee height.

Stephen Denton

On some holes you want to bomb it. On others you’re more inclined to play it safer. Whatever the scenario, you can find success simply by changing how high — or low — you peg the ball. 

When the long ball beckons, tee the ball way up, with more than half the ball sitting above the crown of your driver. Position the ball off the instep of your front foot. This setup automatically forces you to swing more from the inside-out (i.e., to the right) through impact and hit more up on the ball. The in-out path gives you draw spin. Hitting up launches the ball higher. Together, you can squeeze out 15 to 20 extra yards. 

When playing it safe, do the opposite: Tee the ball extra low (about an inch off the ground) and back from normal. Now you’re set up to swing outside-in (i.e., left) and on a more level path through impact. Instant, low-flying, easily controlled fade! In the first scenario, aim a little right, and a little left when you go with the fairway finder. 

Don Sargent is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher and is the director of instruction at Scioto CC in Columbus, Ohio.

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