Struggling with the perfect tee height for your driver? Try this clever trick

In today's Play Smart, we explain how to stop struggling with the tee height for your driver, providing tips for more consistency

With the right tee height for your driver, you'll see more consistent shots each hole.

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Knowing the exact tee height for your driver can be difficult, with many amateurs always just subscribing to the whole “tee it high and let it fly” mentality.

But for players who really struggle with their first shot, is this really the right approach? It might not be.

Sure, there’s a lot that goes into seeing consistent drives, but one thing that every player should control first is knowing what the right tee height should be each time. Once a golfer gets this down, they should start making greater contact and hitting better shots.

To help with this, today’s Play Smart is relying on advice from Max Kettler of Altus Performance, who recently published a video to Instagram about how to get the same tee height every time. Check out the video and text for his tips!

How to get consistent tee height with your driver

Most amateur players probably don’t have a system in place when it comes to finding the right tee height for their driver. But, as Kettler shows in the video, there’s a simple way to measure height each time — by using your index finger.

“When you put your tee in the ground, take your index finger and use the creases on your index finger,” he says. “That’s how you know you’re teeing it up appropriately for you every single time.”

Kettler shows how players can get a comfortable tee height for their driver. Instagram/altusperformance

Kettler also adds that players should “tee up so that the top of your driver dissects the middle of the golf ball.” However, it’s important to make sure every player is comfortable with the tee height — whether that means teeing it higher or lower. It comes down to your personal preference.

Kettler says players should “dissect the middle of the ball” when teeing up with a driver. Instagram/altusperformance

It may be a short and sweet golf tip, but by using your index finger to determine the right tee height for your driver, you’ll be more likely to hit it flush against the clubface. This will result in more solid contact and, hopefully, a better first shot.

Nick Dimengo Editor