High handicappers focus way too much on this 1 thing, says Top 100 Teacher

Honing in on speed is essential for improvement.

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It goes without saying that high handicappers have plenty of room for game improvement, but according to Top 100 Teacher Tina Tombs, there’s one thing that players spend way too much time focusing on: perfection.

“High handicappers are way too focused on making every putt,” Tombs said at GOLF’s recent Top 100 Teacher Summit at Talking Stick in Scottsdale, Ariz.

So what can players do instead? Tombs says that “must make” energy would be much better spent on honing in on speed.

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How to read a putt in 4 steps, according to a Top 100 Teacher
By: Jessica Marksbury , Tina Tombs, Top 100 Teacher

“High handicappers can really benefit from bringing their percentages up on lag putts,” Tombs said. “Getting the ball within two or three feet of the hole on your first putt will make a big difference, so I recommend working a lot on distance control.”

And while you’re working on the green, Tombs says it’s a good idea for high handicappers to assess the quality of their putting stroke as well.

“I want to see high handicappers work on getting the ball started on line,” she said. “That entails working on putter-face control, making sure your putter is square to the line.”

Tombs said she likes using a yardstick on the green to help players get the feel of a solid stroke, but you can also practice getting the ball started over a marker on the green.

“Also: get your putter fitted,” Tombs added. “Putters off the rack can be too long, too heavy. It’s just as important as any other club fitting.”

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