How this ingenious training aid helps make you a better putter

If you want to be a good putter, precision on the greens is key. You must be precise in everything you do, from your green reading to aim and, finally, your stroke.

Perhaps the most important element of being a good putter, though, is being able to hit your intended line. No matter how good your stroke and green-reading abilities are, if you can’t hit you lines, you won’t make as many putts as you should.

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Short on time? These nifty putting aids can help you hone your stroke at home
By: Jessica Marksbury

For help with that, our friends at Short Game Gains have a great training aid that helps you aim small and miss small. The aid is called a “cup reducer” and it slips inside the hole, making the cup smaller and forcing you to hone in your precision to make putts.

“[We’re] making golf a little bit more difficult now, so it can be easier,” says co-founder Hannah Gregg.

The cup reducer makes the hole two times smaller than normal (depending on the size you choose) which forces you to focus on a much smaller aim and entry point to the cup.

“When you take this out and go to the normal golf course, the cup is going to look like a bucket,” Gregg says.

In addition to the stock functionality, the cup reducer also comes with an erasable pen that you can use to make markings on the device. This is useful for marking a specific point on the cup that you want your ball to enter the hole so you can focus on that target as well.

“It really forces you to match speed and line,” Gregg says.

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Cup Reducer

The ability to narrow down your focus on a smaller target is something you will hear the best golfers in the world constantly talk about. With the help from the Short Game Gains putting cup reducer you can decrease the size of the hole two different levels. You can also put graphics on the actual cup to further narrow down your focus on a specific part of the actual hole. Putting to a smaller target in practice will also make the regular cup look bigger during the round which can increase your confidence and help you put a better stroke on your putts!
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