Here are the 4 keys to Tony Finau’s powerful swing

Tony Finau is one of the longest players on Tour, and there are a number of things you can learn from his powerful move.

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I first saw Tony Finau hit a ball about 15 years ago at Champions Gate in Orlando, Fla. Both he and his brother were already great ball strikers but just finding their feet in the professional game. 

Michael Campbell and I watched in awe as a young Tony boomed drives out of sight. He was incredibly long even back then, and we thought he might end up as a long-drive competitor. But Tony blossomed into a full-fledged Tour player who has honed every element of his craft. He’s a fast-twitch athlete with very little body fat and a wiry frame. Obviously, we’re not all built like him or can move like he can, but there are some excellent things to learn from his action that you can use to elevate your long game. 

Here are four ways you can copy Tony’s powerful swing.

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1. Weight your trail leg

On force plates, Tony’s right foot would be glowing as he “weights” his trail leg and winds himself into the ground. This creates ground reaction force energy for max power.

2. Make a short arm swing

Tony is unique in how he can generate huge power from a short arm swing, which means his arms and body are always in sync. He can crank 200 mph ball speeds when he wants but chooses a more controlled approach.

3. Straighten your leg for more turn

Tony’s right leg has extended and straightened on his backswing. This allows his hips to turn more and tilt, upping the potential energy of his swing.

4. Keep your left shoulder down

Notice how Tony has tilted his left shoulder down in transition. Initially, this helps him shallow the club, but, coming into impact, his shoulder will begin moving around, causing his swing to slightly steepen. If your left shoulder is too flat going back or in transition, you’ll never attain the proper angle of attack.

Jonathan Yarwood is the director of instruction at IJGA in Orlando, Fla. Photographer