Three reasons women (and all golfers) should be lifting weights in the gym

Weightlifting is incredibly important for women golfers.

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Lifting weights can be intimidating to golfers. We’ve all heard horror stories of someone getting overzealous in the gym and hurting themselves. 

Even the World No. 2 golfer Jon Rahm had to withdraw from the American Express last week because he got injured while working out. Luckily, it wasn’t serious and he’s back in action this week. 

Despite Rahm’s small setback, the benefits of lifting weights far outweigh the risks, especially for women. 

In a short Instagram post, TPI certified golf trainer Kaitlyn Pimentel succinctly breaks down the three main reasons why women should be lifting more if they want better results on the course. 

1. Strong bones, strong body

As we age, we tend to lose bone mass which puts us at risk for injury. Strength training, however, is the antidote to this. As Pimentel explains, lifting progressively heavier weights can help you build bone mass. Stronger bones mean a stronger body and more time on the course to perfect that golf swing. 

2. Feed the beast

The golf swing is a huge rotational kinematic sequence that feeds off of power and speed. To generate more speed, you need to “build a bigger engine” as Pimentel says. That means building muscle mass so your body can both generate and tolerate the forces you put on it as you whip the club around your body. 

Brooks Koepka hits driver off the tee.
Busting the myth that strength training is bad for golfers
By: Michael Carroll

3. Getting the most out of your engine

Building a bigger engine to power up your golf swing is great, but you also need to know how to use that engine. Weight training is a great way to challenge your brain and help it create the proper neurological connections. Lifting weights also challenges your coordination, and forces your brain to learn to operate under great amounts of stress, similar to when you’re generating huge amounts of force in your golf swing. 

Whether you’re hoping to add yards off the tee or just looking to feel better during and after a round of golf, lifting weights is a key element in any balanced golf fitness program. 

If you’re worried about getting too bulky, don’t worry. Unless you spend hours in the gym and consume a crazy amount of calories, you won’t end up looking like Bryson DeChambeau. You might end up hitting farther like him though, and that’s never a bad thing on the course.

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