This clever push-cart attachment will help you track your fitness goals

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A new product makes it easier than ever to track your steps on the course.

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We all know that playing golf is a healthy way to pass the time — even more so when you’re walking as opposed to riding. But now thanks to a new product from Bag Boy, quantifying the benefits of a round of golf in terms of steps taken and calories burned is easier than ever.

Bag Boy’s Tracker, which was released early this month, easily attaches to any push cart on the market and records your time, distance and calories burned by utilizing Bluetooth technology to connect to an app on your mobile device, where you can view all the metrics on a single screen.

The app stores your information so you can view both walking history by round as well as lifetime statistics. As a further sweetener, you can track your progress and qualify for rewards like discounts and free products when you hit specific milestones, like 100 and 500 miles traveled.

Bag Boy’s Tracker attaches easily to any push cart.

So how does the Tracker, which retails for $39.95, differ from a smart watch or fitness app you’re already using? The Tracker only tracks the tire rotations of your push cart, so you’ll be able to isolate your golf-specific activity data from your other fitness metrics. As a push-cart attachment, the device also enables you to gather data on the course without the necessity of wearing it.

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Bag Boy Tracker

Bag Boy’s Tracker enables you to accurately record your time, distance and calories burned all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

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