Use this workout from LPGA star Mel Reid to get in top shape

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LPGA Star Mel Reid is one of the most fit players in all of golf.

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Well, it might hurt a little. As Mel Reid humbly admitted to us in November, she is one of the fittest people in all of golf. And she lived up to the billing on camera just a couple minutes later. While it might be a bit too much to work out like her, just a derivative of her moves could go a long way for anyone’s game. 

Trainer Ken Macdonald of Lifetime Performance has worked with Reid for two years, and many of the moves he asks her to do can be done with nothing more than body weight and open space. In those moments when the gym isn’t open — like during a pandemic! — or when you don’t have time for a proper warm-up, keep these moves top of mind. They’ll improve your mobility and power, just like Mel Reid. 

Okay, sort of like Mel Reid.

1. Hip Windmill

Similar to the backswing, this stretch tests the rotational limits of your hips, hamstrings and mid-back.

1. From a staggered stance, reach both hands toward your calf.

2. Keep your lead hand below your knee as you rotate your trail hip and elbow up and back. Your lead leg will bend as your trail leg straightens.

3. Continue to extend your trail arm skyward and your lead arm downward until your arms, shoulders and chest are perpendicular to the ground. Hold for 10 seconds, then return to start.

2. Reverse Pretzel

As a pre-round exercise, this move gets you the most bang for your buck.

1. Start from a seated position with your elbows above your elevated knees.

2. Rotate your torso and hips to the right until both knees touch the ground.

3. Continue rotating toward the floor until your right elbow touches, then extend your left arm as far as you can. Hold for five seconds. Unwind back up to your starting position and repeat to the left.

3. Lateral to Reverse Lunge

Balance is crucial. This tests your muscles at the end of their rope.

1. From a standing position, squat slightly and step your right foot out into a lateral lunge while reaching your left arm across your body. Hold three seconds.

2. Return to start. Now step your right foot back into a reverse lunge.

3. Reach up with your right arm as you rotate your left shoulder and arm down and away from your rear leg. Hold three seconds. Return to start then repeat sequence on the left.

4. (Modified) Starfish Side Plank

Too much sway can ruin your swing, but this plank will boost hip strength and stabilize your core

1. Lying sideways, prop yourself up onto your forearm and knee. Keep your top leg straight.

2. Raise your top leg as you extend your arm to the ceiling. Hold for three seconds. Return to start. Pro level: Keep your bottom leg straight.

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