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John Daly’s hilarious workout routine is exactly what you’d expect

February 20, 2019

A few weeks ago, golf fans took a collective gasp at the sheer ferocity of Champions Tour player Vijay Singh’s workout routine. The three-time major champion, who earned his reputation as the tour’s hardest worker during his prime on the PGA Tour, certainly isn’t letting up now that he’s joined the senior ranks.

It’s equal parts interesting, inspiring and frankly, terrifying, but it all begs the question: If Vijay works this hard, what does John Daly’s workout look like?

Well, now we have an answer.

Daly has never been the bastion of good health.

Exhibit A:

“I’m a Miller Lite Guy, always have been, since I was 8.”

Exhibit B:

“My cigarettes-popcorn-whiskey diet worked.”

Exhibit C:

“I’d eat four to six packets [of peanut M&Ms] every day.”

But we got a sneak peak at the two-time major champ’s workout routine in a preview for Golf Channel’s PGA Champions Tour Learning Center, which airs Wednesday at 7pm ET. I’d say it’s a spoof but Daly’s grinding pretty hard on some of these exercises — in between scoffing hamburgers and sodas.

Never change, John Daly.