4 great Peloton classes to get in shape for golf season

Peloton lets you tailor your workouts to specific parts of your body, so it’s easy to pick and choose classes that will benefit your golf swing.


Throughout the course of the pandemic, I’ve tried plenty of app-based fitness programs or YouTube workout routines. Aside from golf, my pre-pandemic workout routine was strictly running. All this time indoors has forced me to step outside my comfort zone — particularly this winter when running outdoors in frozen New York City became less and less of an option. It was during this time — a few months back — that I started drinking the Peloton kool-aid.

I don’t have a bike (yet), but the Peloton experience is so much more than cycling. I find myself rotating between strength training, cardio and yoga classes, and truly love the flexibility their app offers. If you’re new to the workout class scene (like me), Peloton makes it easy to sort classes by difficulty level, time and class type. While these classes aren’t *specifically* for golfers, I find that because you can tailor your workout to specific parts of your body — core strength, lower body, arms and shoulders, etc. — it’s easy to pick and choose classes that will benefit your swing. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. 20 minute Bodyweight Strength with Selena Samuela

Selena is a golfer herself, and often incorporates specific moves into her classes that are great for the golf swing. Check it out here.

2. 10 minute Elvis Remix Core Strength with Emma Lovewell

A strong core is key for golf! Peloton has lots of great core workouts, but this version has a fun playlist and features a few of my personal favorite moves. I’ve linked the class here.

3. 10 minute Pop HIIT Cardio with Olivia Amato

This HIIT Cardio class is great for all around strength and endurance (hello fellow walkers). It’s only ten minutes, but still kicked my butt. Check it out here.

4. 20 minute Slow Flow with Anna Greenberg

I’ve never been a huge yoga fan, but I know how important it is to improve my flexibility for my swing. This Slow Flow was challenging for a beginner like me, but I was still able to keep up. Click here to take the class.

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Emily Haas

Golf.com Contributor