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Back to Basics: 5 workout classes that will get you A+ golf shape

January 17, 2020

Are you stuck inside daydreaming about golf this winter? Stop letting your mind wander and improve your game with a workout program to pass the time until spring arrives. 

Being physically fit is essential to playing your best golf (unless your name happens to be John Daly). The average round of 18 holes requires you to walk four to eight miles. On top of walking, you are potentially carrying your bag, hitting shots and thinking about how to hit each shot all while maintaining conversation with your playing partners. That might not sound like much, but it’s quite exhausting from both a physical and mental standpoint. 

I have gone through countless workout regimes to better myself and my game. My recommendation would be to try everything until you find the right program for you. These are my five recommendations to check out first: 

1. Lagree or Pilates

Lagree is a high-intensity, low-impact, full-body muscular endurance program. Yes, that sounds a lot like Pilates, but it is dissimilar to Pilates in that it’s much, much harder. Classes typically run 45 minutes and the benefits of Lagree are endless.

I know men and women with bad backs, hip mobility issues and more who credit Lagree with healing their aches and pains. That’s music to a lot of golfer’s ears. If you’re looking for core muscle development, I can assure you a six-pack awaits all those who fully commit to a Lagree program. This workout is mentally and physically challenging in ways that will have you prepared to attack the course like never before.

Lagree is perfect for those looking to work through an injury, prevent future injuries and tighten up their core to spend more time on the course.

2. F45

F45 is a 45-minute, hence the name, functional full-body workout that’s conducted in a team atmosphere. I hate cardio. and if you’re like me, you’ll be amazed to discover how bearable (dare I say near enjoyable?) an F45 class can make cardio seem.

These gyms are packed with a lot of energy that helps to provide a motivating and fun atmosphere. The workouts go by quickly due to constantly moving stations and are all uniquely challenging. These are affordable classes with a large number of franchised locations across the United States. As someone who gets bored doing the same workout day after day, it’s refreshing to know F45 classes change daily.

You’ll be amazed to see the impact proper cardio training will have on your golf game.

3. Barre

Barre is a low-impact, high-intensity program that is perfect for female golfers. There are bountiful online Barre programs and its popularity makes it commonly found as a class offering at local gyms. Don’t let the visual of Barre light weights fool you, those one-to-two-pound weights will humble you in ways you didn’t think was possible. The core, leg, and arm strength you will get from Barre workouts will leave you feeling stronger for the course this Spring from head-to-toe.

4. Beachbody

If you’re short on time, constantly on the move or on a tight financial budget, Beachbody is a great solution. You can access thousands of workouts from your phone or computer to take your workout with you wherever you are. With an extensive rolodex of at-home workout options, there’s something for everyone. You can do Beachbody workouts in addition to your regular program or as the main regimen. It’s hard to beat the flexibility Beachbody provides.

Aside from the workouts, the nutrition aspect offered by Beachbody is also fantastic. The shakes and other supplements are something I use daily to stay healthy and feeling my best. It’s a great reminder to properly fuel your game!

5. Boxing

Rotational work is essential for golfers and you will certainly find that in any boxing class/program. Boxing can help build strength and mobility while giving you the benefits of cardio workouts. It also doubles as a great stress and anger outlet when you’re thinking about that birdie putt that rimmed out. Attack the heavy bag with the same intensity you plan on attacking pins this season. Mix it up and toss a kickboxing class while you’re at it.

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