Get rock steady from setup to finish with 2 easy exercises

Balance is key for a solid swing.

Christian Hafer

Tour pros are pretty amazing creatures, right? They can consistently hole knee-knockers with millions on the line. They can ignore countless shouts of “Mashed potatoes!” They always remember to thank the volunteers.

Maybe most impressive of all is their balance. These are some very stable geniuses. If you see a Tour pro wobbling or leaning pre- or post-impact, you can be pretty sure he or she will soon have to find another line of work.

You might think that their balance is so good because their swings are so perfect. Really, though, their swings are so perfect in large part because their balance is so good. And by doing just a few of my key exercises, you can also look just as grounded as that little golfer on top of the trophy — and maybe win one for your mantel, too.

Try these two exercises to improve your balance throughout your swing.

1. Single-leg touches across midline to post

Place two dumbbells upright in front of you, about 24 inches apart. Rise up into a knee-high running position and hold (A). Now lean forward and reach across your midline to touch the opposite dumbbell (B). Return to start and perform that move 12 times. Switch sides and repeat. The more stable your foot stays during this exercise, the more ankle mobility you’ll create, which will allow you to transfer energy better with fewer power leaks.

2. Single-leg posture turns

Balance on one leg on a stability board, arms across your chest holding a club parallel to your shoulders (A). Turn your torso 90 degrees toward the standing leg (B). Return to front. This dynamic exercise stabilizes the foot, increasing ankle mobility. It also stabilizes the knee and increases hip mobility, which will aid your turn and help you use the ground better.

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