Want to caddie? Here are 5 workout tips to get you in shape

caddies walk with bags on their shoulders during the 2004 masters

If you want to become a caddie, you'll need to get in shape. Here are five workout tips from a golf fitness coach.

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It wasn’t long ago that people thought golfers weren’t athletes. Ditto the outdated notion that all caddies are slackers, smokers and scofflaws. Get real. The men and women in smocks today are more essential to the pro game than ever. Part stats nerd, part guru, part pack mule and therapist, a typical looper is both at the center of the action and a side player. What follows this week (and in the Jan./Feb. pages of GOLF Magazine) is a snapshot of the life — and loads of intel for your game.

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Schlepping a 40-pound staff bag up and down hills for eight miles a round, never mind to and from the courtesy car, requires serious conditioning. If, after 10 pages of inspiring caddie talk, you’re thinking, Hmm, looping! build your way up to three sets of 12 to 15 of these exercises.

1. Legs: Goblet squats

Doing these squats with a kettlebell or a dumbbell not only builds muscle but also the endurance for long rounds day after day.

2. Shoulders: Standing bicep curl to shoulder press

Lifting a bag time and again taxes the shoulders and biceps. This double-whammy exercise makes the movement much easier.

3. Core: Anti-rotation with cable

Hoofing that staff bag will stress your posture. This exercise mimics that stress and works the entire core.

4. Conditioning: Treadmill with weighted vest

This mimics the job to a tee. Set the treadmill to a good pace and, if desired, change the incline to simulate walking a course as hilly as Augusta National.

5. Ice baths

Take care of your body with ice baths, use a foam roller for your legs (especially those calves) and remember to stay hydrated. As for the old caddie wisdom of “Show up, keep up, shut up,” let’s add, “Pump up!”

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