The 5 most delicious protein-packed snacks for your round

Rory McIlroy eats a protein-packed snack.

Tour players often eat protein-packed snacks throughout their rounds.

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Bryson DeChambeau drinks an insane number of protein shakes per day, but you don’t have to be bulking up to require a protein bar or shake mid-round. In fact, most pros’ favorite mid-round snacks contain a good amount of protein. 

Getting enough protein as a golfer is important because it helps keep you full throughout the round without a sugar rush, and inevitable crash. Protein will also help your muscles recover after walking 18 holes under stress (playing golf) and load (carrying your bag). 

Finding the right protein bar depends largely on your taste buds, so we taste tested five protein bars (and donuts!) to find the most delicious protein-packed snacks you can keep in your golf bag. 

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