Here’s why you should practice swinging on your knees

On this week’s edition of Golf Channel’s Swing Expedition with Chris Como, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Como joined with fellow Top 100 Martin Chuck (who you can find @tourstriker) says that golfers should practice hitting a driver while on their knees to reinforce the feeling of the golf swing, which he says moves in an inclined circular motion. While this drill will certainly turn a few heads on the range, the images below show how this drill can be quickly effective.

1. Too steep

When you’re on your knees, it doesn’t make sense to swing steep because you’ll end up thumping the ground while you attempt to hit the ball.

2. Under plane

And if you’re too far the other way, it doesn’t make sense, either. You’ll end up dipping backwards and swinging under plane. You’ll never make solid contact with the ball if you swing this way while on your knees.

3. Inclined circle

While trying this drill, you’ll quickly notice that the only way to properly hit the golf ball off a tee is to swing the club around the body in a circular motion.

When golfers stand over the ball, they have a tendency to try to steer the club rather than let it swing. This drill shows the importance of the inclined circular motion in a quick and easy-to-see way. Check out the entire video clip below!


Emily Haas Contributor