Want better driving accuracy? Use these tips for more consistency off the tee

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GOLF Top 100 Teacher Mike Bender walks through some of his most important tips on getting better driving accuracy off the tee.

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Driving the golf ball can be the most daunting experience a player has to go through on the golf course. When you have your confidence and are in a groove, striking the ball with perfection comes naturally. But when you lose confidence in yourself, well, that’s when an entire hole can be lost before it even starts.

We’ve all had our ups and downs with driving accuracy; that’s just part of the game. It’s understanding the basic fundamentals that will help eliminate it from happening as frequently.

In order to see more consistent drives off the tee, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Mike Bender has some advice.

Bender recently took to his Instagram account to share his tips for properly driving the golf ball. He even provides a few videos for context, as well as some still shots from pros like Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm, Rory McIlroy and Nelly Korda.

Players must have elite mechanics

As the longest club in every golf bag, the driver generates the fastest club speed and has the least amount of loft. According to Bender, getting the most out of your drives requires sound technique — meaning players must practice the proper mechanics before seeing positive results.

Have a shallow angle of attack

Players who incorporate a shallow angle of attack will see more consistent driver results than those with steep shafts in the downswing. When a golfer has a shallow shaft angle with the driver, it allows the golfer to optimize their distance.

Focus on tempo

Just because a player is swinging a driver doesn’t mean there should be a tempo change. As Bender demonstrates in videos three and four in his Instagram post, he’s able to maintain the same tempo with his driver as he does from his iron. Speeding up your tempo can cause a golfer’s mechanics to be out of whack, leading to inconsistent driving accuracy.

Like everything in golf, driving accuracy comes with practice and patience. But with the above advice from a Top 100 Teacher, you can start taking the necessary steps towards landing your ball in the fairway more frequently.


Nick Dimengo

Golf.com Editor