Use this drill to get big on the backswing and create more power

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This simple drill will help develop a stronger and more powerful motion.

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If you’ve spent time watching long-drive competitors, you’ll see that most of them get their hands extremely high at the top of the backswing with the club well past parallel. What you don’t see is the force they’re creating to achieve this position. While it may be that you lack the flexibility or strength to swing like a long-drive competitor, there’s a simple drill to help develop a stronger and more powerful motion.

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Grip the club as normal with your left hand (1), but instead of interlocking or overlapping your right grip, use a double-overlap hold where your right hand covers both the index and middle fingers on your left (2).

This grip accentuates the feel of your right hand pushing your lead arm into a higher position at the top. Moreover, your wrists will hinge with greater freedom, which helps the club travel farther back — an extra power boost that all long drivers take advantage of. After a few mock swings using the double-overlap grip, go back to your standard hold and try to re-create the same feels.

You’ve heard the term “grip it and rip it.” Well, now you know how.

Bernie Najar is the director of instruction at Caves Valley GC in Owings Mills, Md

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