This drill will improve your swing path and produce more solid contact

swing drill

This drill will improve your swing path.

Josh Ritchie

Getting your backswing moving in the right direction is an important part of getting your drives moving in the right direction too. Here’s a way to work on it. 

Place a foam roller (or alignment stick) parallel to your target line. Put a ball an inch from the roller, then address it, aiming your club toward the target and setting your stance line parallel to the roller. You’re set to get all-important feedback on your aim, alignment and swing direction.

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Now swing. If your motion is too much from in-to-out, you will hit the inside part of the foam roller. If it moves too much from out-to-in, you’ll strike the outer portion of the roller. Both of those moves can cause inconsistent contact and directional issues. 

Keep in mind that the roller is a visual cue positioned to help you, not scare you. Use it as a guide for your swing. The goal here is to keep the clubhead flush with the roller or alignment stick as you take back the club. Keep your hands in while moving the club along the foam roller (representing your target line) throughout your takeaway. You’re doing it right if you feel your left arm swing across your chest with the club more in front of you. 

Coming through, smoothly rotate your body into a full finish. When you miss the roller or rod, you know your swing is back on track. 

Mark Hackett is the director of instruction at Old Palm GC in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

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