The 2 best drills to help you perfect your takeaway

rory mcilroy takeaway

These two drills will help your nail your takeaway every time.

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The takeaway is the foundation of any good golf swing. If you don’t start your swing in the correct manner, you have little chance at success throughout the rest of the swing. But despite the importance in the swing, it can be a criminally overlooked. Lots of amateurs focus on the downswing more so than the backswing and doom themselves by analyzing the wrong components.

If you’ve wised up to the importance of a solid takeaway though, you’re in luck. Compared to the rest of the swing, it’s an easy thing to work on — plus you don’t even need to head to the range to do so. It can be accomplished in the comfort of your own home.

To help with building a solid takeaway, the good folks over at Athletic Motion Golf recently posted a video on Instagram with two drills to work on your takeaway. Check out the video below or continue reading for more.

Nick Price drill

This drill was a popular one for former World No. 1 Nick Price, and all you need for this drill is a single club. Take your address position as you normally would, and then extend your right hand a bit away from the body. Then, while keeping your right arm in that extended position, take the club back with your left hand until it is parallel to the ground. It should look something like the picture below.

Athletic Motion Golf

Next, put your right hand on the club and continue your swing normally the rest of the way. This left-arm only takeaway keeps you from turning your body too much, too early in the swing and sucking the club inside. It also keeps your shoulders from overturning and keeps your entire body in sync.

Motion drill

The theme of this drill is to be moving before the motion. Golf is a dynamic sport, so it’s important not to take the athleticism out of the swing. Start by swinging the club forward to a post impact position, with your right heel slightly off the ground. From there, swing the club back until it is parallel to the ground and stop.

This drill will get you into a lot of good positions by getting the clubhead swinging early, adding athleticism into the swing, and also makes your wrists hinge at the correct rate. Both of these things will get the stiffness out of your swing, and put you in position to make a solid, athletic swing.

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