Use this bunker technique to escape the sand every time

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For easy bunker escapes, return your hands at impact to the same position they held at address.

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Obviously the number-one thing you want to do when faced with a bunker shot is to get the ball up and out of the sand. But if you want to shoot lower scores, that’s only half of it. You also need to produce a consistent trajectory and spin formula so that you can better predict how the ball will react in the air and when it lands. 

e.a. tischler hits bunker shot
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Try this simple approach. Set up over the ball as you normally would, which in most cases is in a position with the hands above or even slightly ahead of the ball at address. Then, the goal is to simply return the hands to the exact same spot before you unhinge your hands through impact. 

This does two things: First, it promotes a consistent entry point into the sand behind the ball, and second, it helps you develop a reliable ballflight and spin for all your shots. 

E.A. Tischler is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher and the director of instruction at Olympia Fields CC outside Chicago.

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