Top 100 Teacher: 6 tips to help you hit high, soft bunker shots

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Micheal Hunt shares a few thoughts to tweak your setup and swing for optimal bunker performance.


There are precious few golfers out there who actually enjoy hitting bunker shots. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean we can afford to ignore it altogether.

Instead, we’ve got GOLF Top 100 Teacher Michael Hunt to help us out with a couple of simple thoughts that’ll help us the next time we’re in the sand.

It starts with setup, where Hunt suggests making the following adjustments:

  1. Taking a wide stance will help you hit under the ball.
  2. Lowering the handle of the club will help send the ball up into the air
  3. Putting the ball more forward in your stance will help you hit behind the ball
  4. Opening the clubface is the final step, which will send the ball higher with more backswing

And then when it comes time to actually make your swing, he offers two more:

  1. Hinge the club to the sky to get speed and steepness
  2. Spank the sand behind the ball, to impart some high, softness into the ball.

Great stuff from Michael, whose video you can watch right here:

Luke Kerr-Dineen Contributor

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