Bryson DeChambeau: The 4 steps I took to transform my swing

If you haven’t heard about Bryson DeChambeau’s freakish transformation in pursuit of swing speed and distance, you’ve likely been living under a rock. It has been the story of the past 12 months. And like everything else DeChambeau does, the process has been calculated.

At face value, the bulk up can seem rather simple. Put on weight, turn it into muscle, hit the ball far. But as DeChambeau recently told’s Sean Zak during a one-on-one CDW-sponsored interview there were many steps he took to transform his game.

Here are the four steps he took to supersize his swing.

1. Get a stronger body

As DeChambeau started swinging faster and faster, he needed a stronger body to hold up under the stress of his newfound explosiveness. Without added strength, those new mechanics would wear down his body and result in injury.

“You’ve got to work out and get a stronger body so your body can tolerate those forces,” DeChambeau said. “It’s kind of a pad for your body … you have to learn how to tolerate forces through the full range of motion.”

2. Learn how to swing faster

Swinging faster might seem simple — you just need to try harder, right? — but you must do so in a safe way. If you don’t swing faster with the proper mechanics, you’re opening yourself up to some nasty injuries.

“You’ve got to learn how to swing the golf club a lot faster without getting hurt,” DeChambeau said. “Learn techniques on how to do that.”

3. Hit it straight *and* far

Bombing the ball is an advantage, but if you can’t keep the ball on the planet, there’s little advantage to be had. Avoiding trouble while hitting the ball far has been a key to DeChambeu’s transformation.

“You’ve got to learn how to hit it straight while also hitting it farther,” DeChambeau said.

4. Learn how to play the game

With newfound power comes a brand-new form of golf. Carry distances that were once thought impossible are now within the realm. It’s almost like playing an entirely different sport. Learning how to navigate the course with new weapons at the disposal is a must. Editor

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