Ball sitting above your feet? Make these adjustments, says Top 100 Teacher

When the golf ball is above your feet, it presents one of the more difficult shots on the golf course. Many times, amateurs fail to adjust their swing properly for such a shot, which can result in chunking the ball.

But thanks to GOLF Top 100 Teacher Trillium Rose, every golfer can learn the right way to set up for a shot where the ball is above your feet, allowing you to feel confident each time you face this situation.

In the video above, Rose says that the main focus should be on your set up. This means that the angle on your spine is the same angle you would have on a flat lie. Don’t let the way the golf ball is sitting confuse you.

However, the major adjustment that Rose mentions is with your grip, as she says moving your hands down the club shaft will provide more control of your shot.

What to do when the golf ball is above your feet

“Take your club and look how low my hands are on the grip,” Rose says. “That’s much further down the grip than I normally would, because the ball’s above my feet. So, when the ball is above your feet, loosen your hands and place your hands where they would naturally fall.”

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Another slight adjustment that Rose mentions is the position of your feet.

When the golf ball is above your feet, the ball flight will have a natural tendency to drift with the hill a little left. Rose says players should “accommodate that by adjusting your setup slightly to the right.”

By following the advice above, players will see more success with this difficult shot, and avoid hitting it either off the toe or heel of the club.

Nick Dimengo Editor