Fix your hands and launch perfect iron shots

April 13, 2017

Good news! You already have Tour-level hand speed—you’re simply wasting it. The fix is easy: Get your hands to their low point, then launch perfect irons.


Guess what: Your hands are just as fast as a Tour pro’s. And turning that velocity into clubhead speed is a big secret to hitting pure irons. The first step is to get your hands to their lowest point in your swing, with your wrists hinged but loose (photo, above). This low point occurs not at impact but when your hands reach your right thigh. (Bottom image, left)


If your hands reach their low point pre-impact, the only direction they can go is up! Good players pull up on the handle through impact. It’s physics—as your hands move up, the clubhead whips down, and your swing speed goes off the charts. You want to feel like you’re forcing the grip toward your belly once your hands reach your right thigh. Congrats! You’re now a club longer. (Bottom image, right)