Golf Bootcamp with Erik Anders Lang, Ep. 2: What’s wrong with my swing?

In episode two of Golf Bootcamp with Erik Anders Lang, GOLF Top 100 Teacher, Dana Dahlquist analyzes his swing for errors, and delivers some great explanations and solutions to improve Erik’s game. Check it out below!

Golf Bootcamp with Erik Anders Lang Ep. 02

After hitting a few 6-irons, Dahlquist compliments Erik for his improved pelvic slide (or lack thereof), which helps him gain more power, have more consistent performance and better overall ballstriking. The biggest change in his swing is that his club now comes from the inside, which leads to the theme of this week’s episode — club path, face angle and consistency.

Golfers, like pitchers, quarterbacks, and tennis players all move back first to gain power. Throughout this episode, Erik works to move his center back slightly when he rotates backwards by following these steps:

1. Keep your arms really, really soft

2. Before the club moves away, shift pressure towards the right

3. Move both centers to the right, and as the club goes back, the right hip turns back

By following these instructions, Erik is able to get his right hip deeper in his backswing while keeping his arms soft. This means he’s actually throwing his arms back, turning his hips more and giving himself more time in his swing.

Swing changes are certainly uncomfortable, and take a lot of time and repetition to fully nail down. They need to become a daily habit. Dahlquist suggests Erik clears his head on the course when he’s trying to shoot a number, and focus on mechanics only when he’s on the range. 

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