The 7 best tips that worked for GOLF staffers in 2022

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Our staff tried a bunch of tips in 2022. These were the best.

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Here at, we’re always looking for that perfect tip to help our games improve. In 2022, we tried good ones, not so good ones, some mediocre ones and maybe even a couple bad ones.

Luckily for you readers, we’re throwing out the bad ones and giving only the best tips that worked for our staff in the past year. Below are the seven that helped us become better golfers.

Hideki Matsuyama of Japan plays his shot from the 12th tee during the third round of the CJ Cup at Congaree Golf Club on October 22, 2022 in Ridgeland, South Carolina.
Make a “Hideki-esque” move. Getty Images

Sean Zak (Senior Writer and Host): Think “Hideki” during your transition. I won’t stand up on this pulpit and advise that you imitate Hideki Matsuyama’s pause at the top of his swing, but just think you’re doing something Hideki-esque, and it will smoothen your tempo. Most people who try to play with speed lose control at this exact moment in the swing. Think ‘Hideki’ and you won’t be rushing through it. 

Connor Federico (Video Producer and Editor): I’m so excited to have a drill that I can work on at home, that can even be done without a club in my hand. In my first lesson at GOLFTEC, my coach immediately helped me understand proper posture and lower body movement in the backswing. Start by addressing an imaginary golf ball with your rear end up against a wall, and stick it out further than usual. As you take your backswing, make sure you’re taking a proper turn by focusing on keeping your butt against the wall. This posture will help maximize power, and if you’re turning correctly, you’ll feel it in your abs, legs and rear.

James Colgan (Assistant Editor): Earlier this year, someone told me I should start focusing on my breathwork and stop focusing on my golf swing. Let’s just say my issues might have been more than a little mental. 

Nick Piastowski (Senior Editor): Right pocket back! This year, I took my first-ever lesson — I had been a self-taught player — and we worked on hip rotation. Thing is, I had more of a hip sway, and it was difficult for me to physically translate the new move. Then I remembered this gem from none other than Butch Harmon, and I had the thought. RPB! 

Tim Reilly (Director of Social Media and Commerce): Our Dylan Dethier spent some time with Nelly and Jessica Korda on the range as their coach, Jamie Mulligan, provided commentary on both of their golf swings in the spring. I found it extremely insightful and helpful. At the 11:45 mark of GOLF’s must-watch YouTube video, Mulligan has Nelly work on swinging with a “rock on a string.” I found it fascinating and it sticks with me every time I warm up and work toward a Nelly-like swing tempo.

Josh Berhow at GOLFTEC.
A GOLFTEC instructor (left) sticks his hand out to show the Spider-Man motion to Josh Berhow. Josh Berhow/GOLF

Josh Berhow (Managing Editor): A Spider-Man swing thought I wrote about earlier this year has given me the best contact I’ve had in a long time. It squares up my clubface and has gotten rid of my big misses left or right. It’s easy to incorporate so I’d definitely recommend it if you are struggling with pulls.

Alan Bastable (Executive Editor): Earlier this year I hooked up with a New Jersey-based Golftec coach, Ryan Williamson, who needed little time to diagnose my left-shoulder-dip-and-out-to-in swing-path issues. He also had some advice that made an immediate impact. At address, my shoulders were too open. To fix that, Ryan told me to think about keeping my left shoulder pointed high and right, as if it felt like it was aimed at the top-right corner of the tarp into which I was hitting. From that position, I found it much easier to turn into my backswing instead of dip. Thanks, Ryan!

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