This 10-second test will help you dial in your setup

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This test will tell you if you have proper posture.

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Posture is everything in golf. It’s why pros, even with the hundreds of swings they make every week, constantly check how close they stand to the ball. Here’s how you can do it. 

Set two alignment sticks parallel to each other outside your trail foot. Take your initial stance, and, with the help of a friend, make sure that the back stick lines up with your anklebone and the front stick is even with your toes. Finish off your address position, complete with ball and any one of your irons. 

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Here’s how to check your posture. Stephen Denton

Your goal here — again, your buddy can help — is to make sure that the back rod runs from your anklebone up through your pelvis and — check number 2 — the front rod runs from your toes up through your trail shoulder (above left). Most rec players tend to stand too far from the ball, which pushes the pelvis too far back (above right) and causes a hunched look. Try standing a little closer. 

When you match your hip and shoulder to the two rods, you’re set to make a much smoother — and faster — swing.

James Leitz is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher who teaches at Tchefuncta CC in Covington, La.

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