The best golf alignment sticks to play like a pro

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Alignment sticks are one of the most versatile training aids you can add to your bag — and they’re worthwhile. Newer training methods and golf accessories make use of alignment sticks not just to assist with alignment to the target and address position but also to aid in getting the swing on plane.

Everyone seeks more consistency in their golf game, and alignment sticks can go a long way to helping you build that consistency during your practice sessions. We’ve compiled a list of the best alignment sticks on the market to make the search process a little bit easier.

Top 5 alignment sticks

Staff favorite: Alignment Pro Double Hinge Package
Best budget: Callaway Alignment Stix
Best runner-up: Goodstick White Magnetic Alignment Sticks
Best boutique: Hazy Sticks “Rise and Grind”
Best alignment stick trainer: Tour Aim Golf Tour Aim 2.0 With Alignment Sticks

How we chose the best golf alignment sticks

Alignment sticks aren’t complicated products, but there are many options to choose from. Factors you may consider when purchasing your own set include the material the sticks are made of, whether they have a sharp tip for planting into the ground, and the type of rubber tips included.

Another factor that can be useful is collapsibility if you don’t plan on keeping the sticks in your golf bag next to your clubs. We focused on finding alignment sticks that went beyond simple dowel rods found at your local home store as well as those that offered multiple ways to practice.

Staff favorite: Alignment Pro Double Hinge Package

Alignment Pro Double Hinge Package

Staff favorite: Alignment Pro Double Hinge Package


— Hinge mechanism offers different setups
— Collection of usage training videos
— Simple yet effective

— Package only comes with 1 double-hinge stick— Pricey

The double-hinge stick is great for training your putting. The dual hinge allows you to elevate the stick to create a feedback station, and the hinge mechanism and regular alignment stick can be used to create a backswing gate for full-swing training.

A downside is that the package only comes with one double-hinge alignment stick and one regular alignment stick. But the brand also sells single-hinge sticks. These are a great alternative for those who practice regularly on grass, eliminating the need for expensive and clunky shaft holders that set alignment sticks at angles for creating feedback stations.

Material: Not listed | Length: Not listed

Best budget: Callaway Alignment Stix

Callaway Alignment Stix

Best budget: Callaway Alignment Stix


— Collapsible
— Bright yellow color for visibility
— Set of 2

— Plastic may not be as durable as others

Our budget choice gets the job done in a compact package, allowing your sticks to ride in the side pocket of your golf bag or store easily at home. The tips on these rods aren’t as sharp as others in our guide and may not plant into the ground easily, but they’ll help you straighten your swing and teach you the golf basics.

This set comes with two alignment sticks, each with a small enough diameter to fit inside our pick for the Best Alignment Stick Trainer, from Tour Aim Golf, to improve your golf game even further.

Material: Plastic | Length: 48 in.

Best runner-up: Goodstick White Magnetic Alignment Sticks

Goodstick White Magnetic Alignment Sticks

Best runner-up: Goodstick White Magnetic Alignment Sticks


— Magnet tips keep sticks locked together
— Long vinyl protective tubing
— Spotted in many tour bags

— No free shipping

The most notable feature of this product is that they contain magnets to keep the sticks together when they’re stored in your golf bag. Along with extra-long vinyl caps to protect your clubs, these sticks are a great choice for their sharp pencil-like point, making it easy to stake them into the ground.

The brand also sells a variety of additional accessories that allow you to use the sticks in multiple feedback stations when working on your game. Our favorite is the coupler, which will enable you to couple the sticks together with a hinging coupler. This will create angles with the sticks to increase the quality of your training.

Material: Fiberglass | Length: 39-48 in.

Best boutique: Hazy Sticks “The Icon”

Hazy Sticks “The Icon”

Best boutique: Hazy Sticks “Rise and Grind”


— Customizable
— Made out of hickory wood
— Includes protective gloss

— Expensive
— No 48-in. option

Golf is a niche game, and this extends to alignment sticks, where a spate of brands have entered the world of customizable products. Hazy Sticks is a major player in the wooden golf alignment stick category, and their customizable options add a special touch. 

Here, we’ve highlighted the white, green, yellow, and red version called “The Icon,” but you can also opt for the red, white, and blue version called “The Patriot.”

Better yet, you can further personalize your purchase by engraving your name or initials on them to make them your very own. One downside to note, however, is that many companies offer 48-inch alignment sticks, while Hazy only has a 45-inch option.

Material: Hickory wood | Length: 45 in.

Best alignment stick trainer: Tour Aim Golf Tour Aim 2.0 With Alignment Sticks

Tour Aim Golf Tour Aim 2.0 With Alignment Sticks

Best alignment stick trainer: Tour Aim Golf Tour Aim 2.0 With Alignment Sticks


— Fits in your bag
— Multiple training uses
— Free online swing lesson included with the purchase (limited-time offer)

— Instructional videos could be clearer
— Pre-order only (ships mid-April)

This is a bit of a cheat on our list, as the Tour Aim 2.0 is a piece of equipment designed to be used with your alignment sticks. Placing your alignment sticks in the holes, this trainer will help you configure them for full-swing and putting exercises to hone consistency and proper alignment. Made of fiberglass, the versatility of the Tour Aim 2.0 lies in its superpower to help you get on plane, shape shots, and ensure that even your chipping is aiming down the line you intend.

This product comes with the brand’s own alignment sticks, but any brand with 5/16-inch diameter sticks will fit in the pre-drilled holes. The Tour Aim 2.0’s compact size easily fits in a golf bag — even a Sunday bag — and it’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t have to be removed before you play a round.

Material: Fiberglass | Length: Not listed

Not sticks in the mud

A quality alignment stick must be planted in the ground or used with a reliable aid. Our list is comprised of durable and versatile products for this reason. You’ll want to use your alignment sticks to create the proper angles in your full swing to train your plane and become a more consistent golfer. For that, you’ll want a minimum of 45-inch sticks to train properly, but 48 inches is preferred.

How to pick the right alignment sticks for you

This isn’t an item you need to overthink. Focus on budget, function, material, and your practice method.


You can purchase a quality set of alignment sticks for about $20-$30. But if you want a boutique option like wood, which has a certain look and feel and reflects your personality, the price will be a bit more expensive.


Being able to use the sticks in a variety of training methods can be very helpful and exciting to use. The Alignment Pro and Tour Aim Golf give you creative ways to rethink your practice sessions and offer new ways to train, especially when you’re pressed for time and want to focus your sessions.


What alignment sticks do pros use?

There’s scant information on this, as many pros cover up their sticks with alignment stick covers, but Alignment Pro lists a bevy of pros on their page that use or have used their product in the past.

Are golf alignment sticks any good?

Yes. Golf alignment sticks are key tools teachers use to help their players improve their game. Alignment sticks create feedback stations to ingrain a proper feel into the golf swing.

What length alignment stick is best for golf?

It’s best to use 45- to 48-inch alignment sticks. Some companies do, however, offer smaller ones for junior players.

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