Backspin: Our ‘first’ reaction to the hilarious infomercial for the old Alien Shot Saver wedge

GOLF equipment editors Andrew Tursky and Jonathan Wall in their new "Backspin" video series.

Welcome to memory lane. In our new video series, called “Backspin,”’s equipment editors Jonathan Wall and Andrew Tursky (that’s me) take a look back at popular old videos on the internet.

While these won’t technically be our “first reactions,” they will be our first time watching these old videos in years.

Most of the videos we’ll be watching come with heavy nostalgia; old infomercials, commercials, YouTube videos, and otherwise popular videos from the past. Think old Tiger Woods commercials, the Hammer X driver (“booooom”) infomercial, and way more…I don’t want to give away too much just yet.

For the first episode of the series, we thought we’d kick things off right with one of the most ridiculous, hilarious, and effective golf infomercials of all time: the Alien Shot Saver Wedge by Pat Simmons.

In the video below, we break down what makes the infomercial so great, and also why the club itself wasn’t so bad either. Enjoy!

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Andrew Tursky Editor

Andrew Tursky is the Senior Equipment Editor at GOLF Magazine and