Here’s how you can wear out the sweet spot on your wedges

April 7, 2020
ball and wedge with rubber bands on it

Weekend players get so fixated on where they want their pitches and chips to land, how much spin they need and how high the ball should fly that they lose sight of the importance of simply making solid contact. If you’re not paying attention to where impact is happening on the clubface, you’re going to have a hard time controlling your short-shot distance, spin—even your trajectory—from shot to shot.

Here’s how to fix the problem and get more contact-focused. Wrap two rubber bands around any of your wedges: one band around the toe area and the other closer to the heel. Now hit a few short shots. The bands provide instant feedback—you’ll know when you catch rubber immediately. Keep at it until you’re consistently missing the bands, then move them closer to the sweet spot to dial in your contact even more—and get your distance and spin in the right place.

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