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One of the best bunker players on Tour reveals his foolproof key

April 1, 2020

Bunkers are a source of dread for practically golfers of all skill levels. It’s the only shot in golf in which the goal is to actually not hit the ball first, because doing so usually results in a wicked thin over the green, and an ensuing double bogey.

Enter Callaway staffer Adam Hadwin who, armed with his Callaway Jaws MD5 wedges, has become one of the best bunker players on the PGA Tour. He’s currently eighth in Bunker Proximity — averaging 6’11” — and was 19th and 24th the previous two seasons.

Hadwin recently switched to a three-wedge setup (52, 56 and 60 degree) rather than his previous two, to give him more more options around the green. It’s something that comes in especially handy in the bunkers, especially when he combines it with his trusty swing key that recreational golfers can learn a lot from.

More Weight On The Front Foot

Hadwin likes to keep things simple from the sand. He basically just has one swing thought which he recommends recreational golfers.

“The biggest thing for me is simply trying to keep a little more weight forward through the shot. When you don’t the weight goes back and then has to shift forward on the downswing. Usually what happens is that you need to dip [withy our body] to help the golf ball up into the air. It’s something I’ve been guilty of the in the past. When I’m not getting up and down, I always go back to making sure there’s not enough weight forward, which helps me get under the ball and lets the club do the hard work.”

Let the club do the work. Heed that advice from one of the Tour’s best, and enjoy those light, fluffy bunker shots the next time you hit the course.

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