FIRST LOOK: Callaway’s new Mack Daddy CB (cavity back) wedge, made for more forgiveness

Jonathan Wall

Many amateur golfers are somewhat caught in the middle when it comes to their wedges. On one side, the blade-style wedges that tour players use don’t always offer the size and forgiveness necessary to help with shots hit off-center. On the other hand, the wedges that come with game-improvement iron sets don’t always offer the versatility or spin technology needed for maximum control.

Callaway’s new Mack Daddy CB (cavity back) wedges are made for the type of golfers who are stuck in that predicament. The cavity-back wedges offer forgiveness that game-improvement golfers need while also providing the same groove technology used in Callaway’s tour-level Jaws wedges.

Like most game-improvement irons, Callaway’s new Mack Daddy CB wedges have a deep cavity made with perimeter weighting to help boost MOI (moment of inertia). That means the negative impact of off-center hits won’t be as severe. The new wedges also have a larger overall shape and a thicker topline to provide more confidence for golfers who don’t always hit the center of the face.

To help impart more spin, Callaway used its familiar Jaws grooves that are right at the USGA legal limit, according to the Callaway. The grooves are made sharp to help grip the golf ball at impact and increase friction for more control.

Jonathan Wall

Also, like the Callaway PM Grind, the Mack Daddy CB grooves are extended out all the way to the toe (on wedges 54 degrees and up) to increase the hitting area. This full-face groove design originated with a suggestion from Phil Mickelson, according to Callaway.

Jonathan Wall

The Mack Daddy CB lineup of wedges features two different sole grinds; the lower lofts have a “full sole” design that behaves like an iron, while the higher lofts have a modified W Grind that adds bounce for help on shots out of the bunker or thick rough. Although these wedges aren’t necessarily designed for highly skilled shotmakers, the W Grind on the Mack Daddy CB high-lofted wedges have low leading edges to help those who do want to open the face.

Available at retail starting on September 24, the Mack Daddy CB wedges will sell for $129.99 each. They will come stock with KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 105 steel shafts, or with KBS Hi-Rev G graphite shafts (60 or 80 grams). They will also be equipped with a new Golf Pride SG-1 grip that’s longer than the standard 11.5-inch length to allow golfers to choke down more for greater control.

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