Edel’s innovative wedges capitalize on a new frontier in wedge design

Edel's new Swing Matching System wedges.

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When it comes to drivers, and even putters, the gear market has seen weight-adjustable technologies work wonders for golfers looking to fine-tune performance. That’s because small adjustments in weight can help a club match up to a particular golfer’s swing dynamics and feels.

Edel, a golf company that specializes in making irons, wedges and putters, has found weight-adjustable technology to be effective in wedge design too.

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The company’s Swing Matching System wedges ($199) are designed with three interchangeable weight ports that house a combination of light and heavy weights. The stock wedges come with two 2-gram weights and one 8-gram weight.

Through Edel’s player testing, it was found that spin increased, on average, by 10.4 percent when the weight was in its highest spinning location for each golfer compared to the lowest spinning location. Additionally, the company reports that 80 percent of testers found their best spin numbers from having the heaviest weight in a location other than center.

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Edel Swing Match Weighting Wedge

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If you want to find your best wedge performance, as it turns out, weight could be your answer.

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