Costco Kirkland Signature golf wedges appear on the USGA conforming list

A view of one of the Kirkland Signature wedges found on the USGA's conforming list.

Courtesy USGA

Back in June, Costco broke ground with its Kirkland Signature KS1 putter, the company’s first release in the golf club space. Now, it appears the company is expanding further into the sphere with wedges.

Recently, three Kirkland Signature wedges (52, 56 and 60 degrees) appeared on the USGA conforming clubs list, which means they are approved for play.

While we don’t have much information yet on the wedges by way of design, price or public release date, the entry on the USGA list does provide some helpful hints. For example, the wedges have the words “milled face technology” on the back cavity, and “steel” engraved on the hosel. If you were wondering whether the Kirkland Signature wedges had milled faces, that appears to answer your question.

Courtesy USGA

Additionally, the manufacturer of the wedges is listed as Southern California Design Company, which is based in Carlsbad, Calif. Very interesting.

Unfortunately, anything beyond what’s available on the USGA website at this point would be pure speculation. We don’t know for sure if they are coming to retail, or how much they will cost. For reference, though, the KS1 putters sold for $139.99 in-store and $149.99 online.

Stay tuned for more information from Costco about its Kirkland Signature wedges.

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