ClubTest ‘Best in Show’: This Cleveland wedge offers spin and control at your fingertips

Cleveland's RTX ZipCore wedge

Cleveland's RTX ZipCore wedge.

Courtesy Cleveland

Covid-19 may have put any purchasing ideas you had in March on hold. Now, it’s game on, and time to reassess your equipment needs. So, we’ve compiled the “Best in Show” from ClubTest 2020 to give you a refresher. These clubs are bold and beautiful, like the game itself. In this edition, we highlight Cleveland’s RTX ZipCore wedge.

Why We Love It

Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge

Cleveland’s latest creation looks traditional from the outside. Under the hood, however, there’s a lot going on, starting with a low-density core that places more impacts on the sweet spot for consistent spin, distance and feel. The redesigned UltiZip groove is sharper to impart more spin and features a new heat treatment to boost durability.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge

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