ClubTest 2022: 4 new Callaway wedges tested and reviewed

Read our complete reviews of four new Callaway wedges below.


This year’s ClubTest is bigger and better than ever. To help you make sense of the mountain of high-tech new clubs on the market, we put all of the latest offerings from the top golf club manufacturers to the ultimate test. Below you will find the test results and complete reviews of four new Callaway wedge models.

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Callaway Jaws Full Toe

We tested: 54-60°, 64° C-grind

Our take: Want to hit that coveted low-spinner? The Jaws Full Face wedge was among the top performers in spin for our testers, who raved about the wedge’s ability to hit low shots that spin a lot. Our testers also enjoyed the confidence-inspiring look at address and versatility of shots the wedges could create.

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Callaway Jaws Full Toe wedges

JAWS Full Toe is designed to give you control on all types of wedge shots, from chips, pitches, flops, bunker shots, and full shots into the green. It’s an absolute spin machine with full face JAWS grooves, offset groove-in-groove technology and an all-new raw face.

The details: Callaway threw the kitchen sink of spin technologies into the Jaws Full Face wedges. The faces of the wedges have a raw finish, and they have groove-in-groove technology to create extra friction at impact. They also have a high-toed shape to help drive trajectory lower, and the Variable Weight Port System behind the face helps to center weight behind the sweetspot for a solid feel. Each wedge comes with a versatile C-grind to help golfers hit a variety of shots.

Callaway Jaws MD5

We tested: 46-60°, 64°; Grinds: C, T, W (low bounce) and S, X, W (high bounce)

Our take: Look inside the staff bag of most Callaway staffers on the PGA Tour, and you’ll probably find these wedges. For good reason, too. The Jaws MD5 wedges have a traditional tour shape, versatile grinds, and grooves made to maximize spin around the greens.

Callaway Jaws MD5 wedges

The new Callaway JAWS MD5 wedges are a breakthrough in wedge design and performance. Callaway Golf Chief Wedge Designer Roger Cleveland and his extensive R&D team have created a new JAWS Groove to take spin and control to the next level.

The details: Designed by wedge master Roger Cleveland, the Jaws MD5 wedges have the shape tour players ask for, with tech to help produce the performance they desire. They have sharp Jaws grooves on the face, and Groove-in-Groove technology to inflict added friction for more spin. The wedges are made from 8620 carbon steel, and they come in a variety of grinds, so a full fitting is crucial to find the right match.

Callaway Mack Daddy CB

We tested: 46-60°, Full and W-Grind

Our take: If you find it difficult to strike the ball cleanly when using a wedge, or you struggle to hit shots high and soft, these wedges may be your answer. Our higher-handicap testers found the Mack Daddy CB to be one of the easiest wedges to hit high into the air from a variety of lies, and helped immensely with turf interaction.

Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedges

Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedges feature deep cavity backs, slightly larger heads and thicker toplines for an easy transition from cavity back irons.

The details: Thanks to a wide sole and larger head shape, the Mack Daddy CB wedges are some of the most forgiving wedge options on the market. They have a cavity-back design that adds stability on off-center hits, they come in two friendly sole options, and they have sharp Jaws grooves on the face to impart spin. Beginning golfers, or anyone struggling with their short game, should give these a try.

Callaway PM Grind 19

We tested: 54-60°, 64°

Our take: Yes, the “PM” stand for Phil Mickelson, but you don’t have to be a left-handed, short-game genius to use these wedges. Our testers found them equally useful when hitting flop shots, low-spinners and fuller shots from the fairway.

Callaway PM Grind 19 wedges

The PM Grind 19 is a truly astonishing wedge design from Phil Mickelson and Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland. The Offset Groove-in-Groove Technology positions the micro-grooves on a 20* angle for added spin on chips, pitches, and lobs.

The details: Co-designed by Phil Mickelson and Roger Cleveland, the Callaway PM-Grind wedges have a unique high-toe shape and full-face grooves that allow a confidence-inspiring look from all lies. Even if you miss out on the toe your golf ball will still contact the grooves. There’s also added offset and a high center of gravity to help golfers hit low, driving shots, plus there’s a C-grind sole for versatility from various lies.

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