You can get 50% off a club fitting with this epic Black Friday deal

Fifty percent off a club fitting?! Yes. Yes indeed.

True Spec Golf

Not all Black Friday deals are created equal. In fact, that’s the beauty of Black Friday. Deals are available to be had just about everywhere, but the best shoppers know how to find the cream of the crop.

Another beautiful part about Black Friday? Well, some deals crop up that never exist otherwise.

This Black Friday, is pleased to bring you one of the deals of the year, and one you can be very certain won’t appear again in the near future.

Our friends at True Spec Golf (GOLF’s fellow 8AM Golf affiliate), are offering a whopping trio of deals for golfers hoping to up their games in the holiday season.

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By: Kevin Cunningham

First, a little background: True Spec is a golf club fitter with a network of locations around the world. True Spec’s hallmark is in its fitting process, which is entirely brand-agnostic. Meaning, when you enter a True Spec facility to get fitted, you are guaranteed to be fit into the best clubs for your game, irrespective of the manufacturer of those clubs.

True Spec focuses on providing a high-end fitting experience, with top-of-the-line equipment, an elite group of “master fitters,” and a chic interior space (they even fit Saquon Barkley into his new driver!). The goal is simple: to get you fit into the best gear for your game, every time. And once you’ve got the best clubs for your game? Well, True Spec will assemble them for you, using a unique building process ensuring your gear fits the precise specifications of your game.

Okay — now to the big news: discounts! For Black Friday, True Spec is offering 50 percent (!!!) off all fittings booked online with the promo code BFCM50. That’s half off the sticker price of any fitting, from an individual putter fitting to a full-bag. TSG is also offering 20 percent off all headwear on, and 10 percent bonus cash on all gift cards purchased.

So, what are you waiting for? Get over to and start shopping!

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