These new Adidas golf shoes are engineered to defeat the heat

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The summer heat is hard to beat. But for those who aren’t about to let sweltering weather hold them back from a good round of golf, Adidas just released a cool solution.

Adidas’ newest golf shoe is designed to keep your feet as ventilated as possible.

Bogey Boys x Adidas
Macklemore is ready to share his limited-edition golf apparel collab with Adidas
By: Jessica Marksbury

Introducing the Adidas ZG23 Vents ($200), made for both men and women!

As soon as I slipped this shoe onto my foot, I recognized this as one of the most comfortable and well-fitting shoes I’ve worn to date.

I immediately took these babies for a spin on the course. It had just rained, so the conditions were ideal for a shoe test day.

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About the new Adidas ZG23’s for men and women

Passing each test with flying colors, these shoes are truly water-repellant and super breezy on the feet. Consider these shoes tried, tested and approved!


These shoes are ventilated with a mesh upper body to keep air flowing, and an internal cage for added stability.

Adidas golf outfit
An easy men’s golf outfit perfect for any summer round
By: Marley Sims

The support this shoe provides is unmatched; the ZG23 perfectly cradles your heel to optimize your balance and weight during your swing.

Without compromising the comfort of the shoe, the Adidas ZG23’s are also cleated so you won’t lose your footing in your rotation.

Shifting your weight, turning and swinging through the ball has never felt better with these new Adidas golf shoes.

Shop the new Adidas ZG23’s for men and women

Stay one step ahead of the heat with these Adidas ZG23 Vent golf shoes. Featuring the featherweight ZG23 design, they include a breathable mesh upper to give you a competitive edge through the hottest days.

The vented design keeps the air flowing and your feet cool and comfortable throughout hot rounds.

Men’s Adidas ZG23’s

Men’s White ZG23 Vent Solf Shoes ($200) – SHOP HERE

Men’s Lemon ZG23 Vent Solf Shoes ($200) – SHOP HERE

Dash Grey / Cloud White / Silver Metallic


Lucid Lemon / Arctic Night / Lucid Lemon



Women’s Adidas ZG23’s

Women’s White ZG23 Vent Solf Shoes ($200) – SHOP HERE

Dash Grey / Cloud White / Silver Metallic


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