Macklemore is ready to share his limited-edition golf apparel collab with Adidas

Bogey Boys x Adidas

Macklemore's lifestyle apparel line, Bogey Boys, is launching a collab with Adidas on June 14.

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It was only two-and-a-half years ago that Macklemore launched his lifestyle apparel line, Bogey Boys.

The 39-year-old rapper turns 40 this month, and took up the game in his mid-30s — relatively late in life. But he quickly became a passionate player, and is now a regular on the celebrity pro-am circuit.

Bogey Boys has been available both online and in the brand’s flagship store in Seattle since its launch, but a new limited-edition collaboration with Adidas will expand Bogey Boys’ customer reach and appeal even more.

The collection, which launches on June 14, will be comprised of pieces for both men and women, and aims to combine Adidas’ sport and lifestyle heritage with Macklemore’s love of vintage and classic looks.

“This has been an amazing opportunity for us at Bogey Boys to work with Adidas,” Macklemore said. “I think that the lineage of Adidas, it’s classic. It’s a brand that I grew up with, that I have always worn, that I’ve always supported. And it’s been a part of my closet rotation since I was a little kid. And to kind of have this full-circle moment of being able to create with the Adidas Golf team, to dream, to put together a collection that I think is amazing, has just been a really cool experience, and one that I’m super grateful for and excited to introduce to the world.”

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Macklemore has said that he’s inspired by looks that pay homage to the past but feel modern, and this new collection fits the bill. Fans can look forward to retro throwbacks like four-button placket polos, straight-leg trousers, terry cloth tracksuits and checker prints in shades of blue, green and white, as well as a few accessories and a showstopping shoe, the MC80, which features a classic 80s-inspired look, complete with a kilty.

Courtesy of Adidas/JMDM

“This is a collection that I think, from front to back, it pays homage to the past,” Macklemore said. “It’s also got the technology of today. And it feels like something that you could’ve seen in an Adidas catalog from back in the day. We went back to the archives. We want back to the archival pieces of going through old catalogs and old look books and what people were wearing back in the day, and wanted to create a modern spin on it. I think that we executed it beautifully.”

Part of the appeal of Bogey Boys, Macklemore says, is the way it empowers the customer to wear something on the course that really resonates with their personality.

Macklemore modeling Bogey Boys apparel
Here’s what sets rapper Macklemore’s golf fashion line apart from the rest
By: Jessica Marksbury

“It’s really up to us as the novices, or the Bogey Boys of the world, to be ourselves, and to stick out, and to bring our own creativity to a sport that has oftentimes been compartmentalized and stuck in a box, and has this unofficial uniform that we must adhere to,” he said. “It’s just not real. I want to break that box. I want to create something that everyone can wear, that they can feel comfortable in, and be an individual.”

The Bogey Boys x Adidas collection will be available for purchase starting June 14 on the Bogey Boys website, the Adidas website and in select retailers.

“I want people to, whether they’re hitting good golf shots or horrible ones, at least to look good on the golf course,” Macklemore said. “And this collection has something for you. I’m excited for the world to wear it.” Editor

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