ClubTest 2022: 3 XXIO putters tested and reviewed

xxio putters 2022

See below for a full review of XXIO's new putters.

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This year’s ClubTest is bigger and better than ever. To help you make sense of the mountain of high-tech new clubs on the market, we put all of the latest offerings from the top golf club manufacturers to the ultimate test. Below you will find the test results and complete reviews of three new XXIO putters.

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XXIO 12 Blade

We tested: XXIO 12 Blade

Our take: Premium putter connoisseurs will appreciate the clean aesthetics and fashionable color blocking between black and satin finishes. The blades feel as good as they should at a $300 price point, and come with tech designed to make them more stable through the stroke. XXIO is succinct in their motive here — the company wanted to make a putter that looked great, felt great and helped improve consistency. This putter checks all three boxes, easily. 

XXIO 12 Blade putter

The new XXIO Blade Putter’s tungsten weights help increase stability and MOI, while specially designed face grooves offer consistent ball speed between square strokes and off-center ones.

The details: Featuring a classic blade silhouette, the 12 comes with tungsten weighting in the heel and toe for a higher MOI and added stability. But, it’s the putterface that garners the most attention due to the full length TPU insert that harkens back a couple decades to an era when TPU were all the rage for having a soft but responsive feel. The face features variable face grooves that normalize speed on not just center-hit putts, but on putts struck away from the sweet spot.  

XXIO Blade

We tested: XXIO Blade

Our take: XXIO makes high-end products across it’s entire line, so we expected precision with the XXIO Blade as soon as we laid our eyes and hands on it. The premium putting experience begins with a 303 stainless steel billet that’s milled and then enhanced with high-density tungsten nickel weights to deliver a putter with exceptional feel and balance. Tech aside, these putters look as good as they feel, sporting a gorgeous satin finish with splashes of blue. 

XXIO Blade putter

Precision milled from soft 303 stainless steel, the XXIO Blade putter offers exceptional feel and consistent ball speed on every stroke. The XXIO Blade Putter helps you achieve your best putting performance.

The details: The precision milling makes this putter among the few that have truly flat putterfaces for consistent rolls and exceptional balance through the stroke. Its design is centered around consistency not only in construction, but in helping deliver a consistent roll on every putt. 

XXIO Mallet

We tested: XXIO Mallet

Our take: If you’re seeking a precision-milled mallet from a premium manufacturer, XXIO’s offering might just fit the bill. It’s stable and buttery soft, and the extra weight in the toe and heel will help keep your putts on track. XXIO makes some beautiful equipment, but if we had one gripe, it’s in the naming. We get that it’s a mallet, but at the very least it deserves a model number or name!

XXIO Mallet putter

XXIO Mallet Putters are forged from soft 303 stainless steel and feature tungsten weights in the toe and heel for better results on the green. Precision Milled Milled from a single billet of forged 303 stainless steel, XXIO putters offer a stable putting platform with premium feel.

The details: It’s milled of 303 stainless steel for the utmost in balance, consistency and feel. It comes with a dual-line alignment aid for better aim and, like the Blade, comes with tungsten nickel weights in the heel and toe areas to boost the putterhead’s MOI for less face twist on off-center putts. 

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