Odyssey’s new Triple Track putters practically aim themselves

Odyssey Triple Track putters.


We’re not saying that the new line of Triple Track putters from Odyssey actually aim themselves, but with sight lines that match up with those on Callaway golf balls, it’s close.

The Triple Track putters ($249; seven different models available) employ a three-line system similar to the stripes found on airport run-ways, making it easier and more intuitive to square up the face at address.

Odyssey Triple Track Ten putter.
Odyssey Triple Track putters review and photos: ClubTest 2020
By: GOLF Editors

When used with a ball with Triple Track lines (see most Callaway models), the net effects are even better—if the lines on both the putter and ball line up, you’re dead solid perfect.

Additional features include a multimaterial, counterweighted shaft for better balance and a White Hot Micro-hinge Star face insert for a smooth roll and firm feel.

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