FIRST LOOK: Mizuno extends lineup of M.Craft putters with 3 new models

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For years, most golfers would have associated Mizuno with their continuously popular Japanese forged irons. That makes sense, because for decades, Mizuno has crafted premium forged irons that have proven successful on both a PGA Tour level and in the retail space. In the last few years, though, Mizuno has released both metalwood products and putters that have begun to shift the general perception. Mizuno makes more than just irons, and Mizuno’s 2020 putter release helped hammer that point home.

In the beginning of 2020, Mizuno released three new premium putters called the M.Craft I (blade style), M.Craft II (blade style) and M.Craft III (mid-mallet). Those putters are made from 1025 carbon steel, CNC-milled for greater precision, and they’re available in three different finishes: white satin, blue ion and black ion. The M.Craft putters also got tour validation by way of Adrien Saddier and David Dixon both using them on the European Tour.

As a result, according to Mizuno, the company has doubled down on the M.Craft putter lineup by introducing three new models (the previous three models will remain available at retail). Keeping with the nomenclature of the initial release, the three new models are called the M.Craft IV, M.Craft V and M.Craft VI.

Each of the new models will be available in three finishes, and will sell for $299.95 starting in February 21. The M.Craft IV and V heads weigh in at 355 grams, whereas the M.Craft VI head is 371 grams; Mizuno offers weight kits that include 3-gram and 13-gram weights that can be interchanged with the stock 8-gram weights in the soles.

Check out the photos and information below for more on Mizuno’s new M.Craft putters!

Mizuno M.Craft IV

The M.Craft IV has a deep square-back head shape with a slant neck, and, according to Mizuno, it has a moderate toe-hang for golfers with a slight arc in their stroke.

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Mizuno M.Craft V

Mizuno’s M.Craft V putter has a mallet head shape with a slant neck that Mizuno says is designed with maximum toe hang for a putting stroke that has a strong arc.

Mizuno M.Craft VI

Lastly, M.Craft VI is a face-balanced “wing mallet,” according to Mizuno, which is made for golfers who have a straight-back and straight-through putting stroke.

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