ClubTest 2022: 6 Cobra putters tested and reviewed

Cobra Putters

Read our complete reviews of Cobra's newest putters below.


This year’s ClubTest is bigger and better than ever. To help you make sense of the mountain of high-tech new clubs on the market, we put all of the latest offerings from the top golf club manufacturers to the ultimate test. Below you will find the test results and complete reviews of six new Cobra putter models.

You can find the full list of ClubTest putter reviews here.

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Cobra King SuperNova

We tested: Cobra’s King SuperNova putter

Our take: Shaped like a large fang, the SuperNova looked plenty sharp to our testers. One likened the design to a “modern mallet,” while another compared the alignment aid to train tracks that help keep the club on path through the stroke. The multi-material construction of the face also produced distinct acoustics.  “Almost like aluminum,” a tester said. “The same type of sound as a driver.”

Cobra King SuperNova putter

The KING Supernova putter features an oversize fang shape, and a multi-material construction utilizing a 3D printed nylon insert, aluminum, tungsten weights, and SIK Face Technology to create the perfect balance of stability and roll accuracy for more consistency on every putt.

The details: Produced in partnership with Hewlett Packard, the SuperNova features lightweight 3D-printed nylon lattice “cartridges” that help dampen vibrations at impact. Their positioning also helps shift weight away from the center of the head, where it’s unwanted, and toward other sections where it can boost forgiveness. Flanking the “cartridges” are steel bodies, forged aluminum crowns and tungsten back weights to promote stability. The SuperNova’s face is further enhanced by aluminum inserts from SIK Golf (the company that makes Bryson DeChambeau’s putters), which are set at descending angles to yield consistent launch angles and smooth roll.

Cobra King Nova

We tested: Cobra’s King Nova putter

Our take: Different strokes for different folks. This fanged-shaped putter comes in two different hosel types, one for up-and-back putters, the other for players with a slight arc in their strokes.

Cobra King Nova putter

The KING Nova putter features a fang shape with a single bend hosel that is suitable for players with a straight back and straight through putting stroke seeking enhanced stability.

The details: Though Cobra says it was targeting “traditionalists” with the King Nova, it poured plenty of tech into this putter. Along with its fang shape and stainless-steel body, it features an adjustable weight system and SIK Face Technology (aluminum inserts set at descending angles) to deliver stability and consistency with a soft feel. Available in a single bend shaft, for straight through putters, or a short slant shaft for strokes with a slight arc.

Cobra King StingRay

We tested: Cobra’s King StingRay putter

Our take: Consistency. We like it our mashed potatoes. And we love it in our putters. The mallet-shaped StingRay checked that box for our testers, who praised the balance of its weighting and the repeatability of its roll. “It’s not just a different head shape,” one tester said. “It has a more traditional sound and feel on a modern head.” Gushed another: “I could put in the bag this afternoon.”

Cobra King StingRay putter

The KING Stingray putter features an oversized mallet shape with a single bend hosel that is suitable for players with a straight back and straight through putting stroke seeking maximum stability and forgiveness.

The details: A traditional mallet-shaped putter, the StingRay combines a throwback look with contemporary features, including adjustable weighting for fine-tuned feel and stability, and aluminum face inserts (the same SIK Golf technology used in Bryson DeChambeau’s putter) set at descending lofts to improve the consistency of roll and launch. Cobra also offers the King StingRay-40, with an oversized mallet shape. Both are available in slant neck or straight neck.

Cobra King Agera

We tested: Cobra’s King Agera putter

Our take: A gentle rock, a consistent roll. Billed by Cobra as the putter in its stable with the highest MOI (moment of inertia), the 3-D printed Agera impressed Golf testers with its smoothness through the stroke and its stability at impact.

Cobra King Agera putter

The KING Agera putter is our highest MOI putter at 7540. It features an oversize mallet shape, and a multi-material construction utilizing a 3D printed nylon insert, aluminum, tungsten weights, and SIK Face Technology to create our most stable and forgiving putter in the 3D Printed family.

The details: The putter that Cobra says has the “most forgiving and stable shape” of any in the company’s stable, the Agera boasts a host of bells and whistles: multi-material construction with a 3-D printed nylon insert for consistency and feel; tungsten weighting for balance; and aluminum face inserts (by SIK Golf, the company that makes Bryson DeChambeau’s putters) set at descending angles to ensure a consistent launch angle and smooth roll, regardless of your stroke.  Available in a 37.5-inch armlock configuration for players who prefer a taller posture at address.

Cobra King GrandSport-35

We tested: Cobra’s King GrandSport-35 putter

Our take: Similar technology. Different shape. The KinGrandSport-35 appealed to testers looking for stability, consistency and feel, all within the body of a more classically shaped blade.

Cobra King GrandSport-35 putter

The KING Grandsport features an oversized blade shape, and a multi-material construction utilizing a 3D printed lattice cartridge, a forged aluminum crown, tungsten weighting, and SIK FaceTechnology to deliver unmatched stability and consistency on every putt.

The details: With the King GrandSport-35, Cobra has packaged many of the same features from its other 3-D printed putters into what it categorizes as an oversized blade. That includes tungsten weighting, an aluminum crown and face inserts set at descending angles for added stability and consistency. The GrandSport-35 is so named because it has 35 degrees of toe hang. Available in standard or armlock lengths.

Cobra King Vintage Sport

We tested: Cobra’s Vintage Sport-60 putter

Our take: Go big or go home. A lot of success in putting comes down to mindset. The King Vintage Sport-60 appeals to golfers who draw confidence from the solid look and feel of an oversized blade.

Cobra King Vintage Sport-60 putter

The KING Sport-60 features a classic blade shape with a flow neck hosel that is suitable for players with significant arc putting strokes seeking maximum control on long and short putts.

The details: Designed for golfers with straight back, straight through strokes, the King Vintage Widesport is an oversized blade with a stainless-steel body and an aluminum face with descending-loft inserts that promote consistency and accuracy. A single sightline is meant to make alignment simple, while adjustable weights are for dialing in feel and stability.

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